Keep On Farming!

align=Not many American Composers have a cheese named after them. Prize-winner cheese maker Jonathan White began his illustrious cheese making career by using cow and goat milk from David Amram's farm in Putnam Valley, NY.

Over the years, Jonathan White has become internationally renowned as a master in his field, and is considered by most experts to be America's Master Cheesemaker. His Amram cheese is one of his gourmet choice best sellers!

Jonathan has just founded the Grasslands Cheese Consortium , which is helping grassland-based family dairy farmers to make cheese on the farm-please visit him there! Jonathan put up the very first website for David Amram. It is called "David Amram (the man, not the cheese)" and can still be found at

When not on the road or on the podium, David Amram tends his small working farm in upstate New York.

David Amram at the Putnam Count 4H Fair
At the 4-H fair in Putnam County, New York selling vegetables and handing out FarmAid literature
David on Willie Nelson's bus when he performed with him at a FarmAid concert in Illinois on October of 1997David Amram and Willie Nelson
Three generations of supporters for family farmingThree generation of supporters for family farming at Willie Nelson's FarmAid concert, October 1997 in Illinois. Left to Right, Beck Hansen, Adam Amram, David Amram

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