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Broadway World, Oct. 14, 2015

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Oct. 14, 2015
AMRAM & CO. Authenticates at Cornelia Street Café
By Matt Hanson

In terms of the origins of contemporary American culture as Americans know, breathe and live it today, authentic is a word rarely seen with such exacting definition than in the presence of David Amram. If America had a monarch, he would not only be Sir David Amram, he would be the palace seer, a magician of sound and word who transcends prophecy to the realm of absolutely artful wisdom.

Well into his eighties, his eyes still beam with a voracious appetite for novel improvisation, spontaneous harmony, rhythmic emotion, and that ungraspable mysterious element of beauty that is the lifeblood of the artist at work. He begins by conversing with patrons of the Cornelia Street Café in the subterranean cabaret, a magnanimous night haunt in the proud core of Greenwich Village.

"From Massachusetts," an out-of-towner says as Amram asks of whereabouts to his unfailing delight, recounting visions of Kerouac, Lowell, and the cottages of New England respite among the troubadours of American poets, painters, mythmakers and ringleaders who vaunted revolution and love through the corridors of the nation for all to hear and remake themselves in the spirit of irreverently proud dreaming.

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