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1991-92 "Leo Block Professorship" Recipient
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World Music: The 90's catches up with the 50's

Thursday, October 10, 1991
7:30 p.m.
Margaret Foote Music Hall

Jazz- The Global Passport
How meeting Dizzy Gillespie in 1951, Charlie Parker in 1952, and conductor Dimitri Mitropolous (Music Director, New York Philharmonic) opened up the doors to a life of learning roots of music around the World.

I. Maitna Washna(L'mizmor David)-Lebanese folk classic (North African, Arabic, and Sephardic roots). Taught to me by Midhat Serbagi, now a violist in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, while we were in the U.S. Army Seventh Army Symphony in Germany, 1953. With the Lamont Jazz Ensemble.

II. Night in Tunisia Dizzy Gillespie's classic tribute to the Middle East, the Afro-Cuban tradition, and jazz. With Jose Garcia and the Denver Conjunto Tipico.

III. From the Khyber Pass Music from the ancient gateway to Asia and the East. The quarter tone as a "right note", played on twin Pakistani-Afghani flutes, and with three flutes at once.

IV. Taos Moonlight Song Music of today's Native American Pueblo people who found the gateway to the West several thousand years before Columbus. Taught to me by Lorenzo Suazo of the Taos Pueblo.

V. Will ya Go Lassie, Go The music and poetry of the British Isles and the English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh tradition of music m the U.S.

VI. Red River Valley Theme and Variations The poetry and musical genius of Cowboy Heritage.

VII. The Tennessee Waltz The Austro-Hungarian Empire's musical journey, as well as Tchaikovsky's, to the world of Western-Swing where country music and jazz come together. Members of the Lamont Jazz Ensemble.


The Denver/New York Connection

VIII. How Mexican, Latin American, Native American and Country Music were part of the lasting contributions for artistic expression today. The contributions of Patsy Montana, Hank Williams, Jimmy Rogers, Chuck Berry, Count Basie, Miles Davis, artist Jackson Pollack, composers Harry Partch, Lou Harrison, Aaron Copland, Carlos Chavez, Juan Pablo Moncayo, and authors John Neihardt, and Jack Kerouac paved the way.

IX. Readings from Jack Kerouac's "On The Road" (Celebrating the 34th anniversary of the first jazz poetry reading in New York City, where I was Kerouac's accompanist)

X. Showing of Documentary "Pull MY Daisy" The underground short film with Jack's narration as our answer to the media myth of the Beat Generation.

XI. Now's the Time Charlie Parker's anthem that still is an affirmation to keeping the flame alive. A new generation including Wynton Marsalis, Terrence Blanchard, Chris McBride, and countless other young performers and creators, coming from priceless traditions make our present more fulfilling and give us a reaffirmation of good things to come in the 21st century. With members of the Lamont Jazz Ensemble.

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