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“He’s one of the most talented
musicians in the universe!”
...Pete Seeger

2011 Calendar
David on Piano


Thursday February 3 • Amram arrived in Denver to attend a concert and have a reunion by bass virtuoso Chris McBride, whom Amram knew when McBride was a teen-age classical prodigy in Philadelphia and played in Amram's "Autobiography for Strings"

Friday February 42nd Annual Neal Cassady Birthday Celebration
Mercury Cafe
Live hour-long performance on the radio station KUVO.FM with Amram's Quintet followed by an on-air interview, and preliminary work with KUVO for a radio documentary "David Amram:The First Eighty Years" to be completed this summer.

Mercury Cafe: Amram performance of his song "Pull My Daisy" with lyrics by Jack Kerpuac, Neal Cassady and Allen Ginsberg, from Amram's chamber music/jazz score for the 1959 classic film Beat documentary film "Pull My Daisy" which Kerouac narrated and for which Amram composed the music and appeared. He also read from his book "Offbeat: Collaborating with Kerouac" describing his last encounter in 1965 in San Francisco with Neal Cassady, Ginsberg, Gregory Corso and jazz pianist Freddie Redd.

Saturday, February 5The Dazzle Showroom - 930 Lincoln St, Denver, CO
Jazz , World Music and the Denver/NY Connection
David Amram Quintet with Tony Black, Jose Madera, Hugh Ragin and Colin Gee.

Monday, February 7"Opening the Doors for Creativity" - Denver Academy
Spontenaity and Formality- from Homer to Hip Hop and Bach to BeBop
High School history & anthropology classes in Commons
Amram addressed topics that students are studying: 1950s, influence of music on culture, impact of post WWII reality on society
High School film class
Topics/focus, the making of "Pull My Daisy"; In this class of young film-makers, the teacher provided a background on Robert Frank & Alfred Leslie's documentary film, (narrated by Kerouac) Amram discussed the new technology available today versus 1959 when "Pull My Daisy" was made, and the elements which have stayed the same over the past 52 years since then (creativity, spontaneity, collaboration)

Tuesday, February 8 • University of Colorado Boulder
French horn class in Grusin Music Hall
Amram spoke to and played for Mike Thornton's students who performed Amram's "Trio for Tenor Saxophone, French Horn and Bassoon" and "Blues and Variations for Monk" for unaccompanied horn
Guest Recital: David Amram
Amram shared highlights of what he has learned during his life of travels, and absorbing all the styles of music he has learned to play, demonstrated on a variety of instruments, and how they have been honored in his symphonies, concertos , operas, chamber music and in his performances in the worlds of jazz. Latin American and Native American music.

Also Amram met with Paradigm Publishers, the publisher of Amram's three books, to further plans for his fourth book "David Amram:The First Eighty Years" and the editing of Paradigm's new series of books, Nine Lives, with Amram providing the Forwards for books about Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie's sister Mary Joe Guthrie.
Other books about the lives and works of American musical masters are also in the planning stages.

Wednesday, Feb 9 • Plans for a future series of events in Aspen, to celebrate the memorial for Hunter S Thompson, organized by Johnny Depp in the summer of 2005, for which Amram provided the music.

Thursday, Feb 10 • United Nations - NYC
Amram speaks about global music as path towards global reconciliation, before the screening of the documentary film 333, which Amram scored in 2010.

The film documents the Taureg tribesmen in Mali who have preserved the original scrolls from the University of Timbuktu, dating back to the 12th Century, which they have hidden in the sands of the desert and other secret places for centuries in order to preserve their culture and teach each new generation how to celebrate their heritage.

Friday, Feb 11HOWL festival - Columbia University New York City
Amram and his quartet perform music and accompany poets as he did with Kerouac in the 50s, including authors Joyce Johnson and Ann Douglas, and celebrate Ginsberg and Kerouac's time at Columbia U. in the 1940's He will also read excerpts from his own book "Offbeat: Collaborating with Kerouac"

Saturday, Feb 12-13Winterfest Cutchogue - Long Island
Amram returns with his quartet for the fourth season to perform classics of jazz, world music and his own compositions, including the demonstrating the roots of Native American music he used in his cello concerto "Honor Song for Sitting Bull", commissioned by the Suffolk County Tri-Centennial Commission of Long Island.

MARCH - 2011

Saturday, March 12 • Lowell Celebrates Kerouac & ComeToLowell.com presents
Jack Kerouac's 89th Birthday Celebration
"David Amram: The First 80 years!"
A "sneak preview" of a film by Director Lawrence Kraman
"Jack's Beat!" with David Amram & friends
7-10pm: An evening of words, music and improv with David Amram, Kerouac's first musical collaborator, with guest readers and musicians of the Lowell area.

Join us for this celebration of the Kerouac and Amram collaborations at the Brata Art Gallery involving NYC's first-ever public jazz/poetry readings, and the classic music of the jazz artists of the 40s and 50s who influenced Kerouac's writing.

AUGUST - 2011

Wednesday, August 24Philadelphia Folk Festival
"The star of the festival from my perspective was 80-year-old David Amram, who participated in a tribute to Phil Ochs, held a spellbinding workshop recalling his days playing with Jack Kerouac, led a lengthy World Music jam, performed his own jazz set which made me realize he influenced Mose Allison rather than the other way around, and finished off the festival by sitting with Levon Helm's outstanding band, which included Larry Campbell on guitar, Steve Bernstein on trumpet and Howard Johnson on tuba. Amram's double pennywhistle solo on "The Weight" at the close of the night was the perfect grace note for the festival."

Aug. 31 - Sept. 3 2011 Moab Music Festival
Meet the Artist — David Amram. Screenings of the 1959 film "Pull My Daisy," which features Amram’s jazz compositions with narration by Jack Kerouac, and the 2011 documentary film "David Amram: The First 80 Years," introduced by its filmmaker, Lawrence Kraman. Benefit for community education programs
"David Amram’s America," --- Festival Tent at Red Cliffs Adventure Lodge. Works by Amram, Harry Burleigh, Aaron Copland, Leonard Bernstein and William Bolcom. Amram is among the performers and will play a variety of instruments.

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